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Ganor Dominic is a British footwear brand founded in 2015 by two sisters: brand director Kate and creative designer Anna. The sibling’s father was the inspiration behind the brand name.

Influenced by surrealist sculptors, avant-garde couturiers, and extravagant photographers, Ganor Dominic portrays the fluid link between art and fashion, blending into the life of modern women and helping them create their own fantasy.

Anna’s obsession with the concept of “Shoes as a form of Art” guides Ganor Dominic’s collections from Ancient Greek references to Pop Surrealist ones, always interpreting the brand’s design vocabulary of facial features and bold silhouettes in new and exciting ways. The signature faces - whether sculptural, embossed, laser-cut, or printed - are at the heart of the brand identity, and are continuously reimagined in new patterns, shapes and colors. A strong brand philosophy merges feminine sensitivity and bold sculptural accents, adding a dramatic touch to any look.

Crafted by Italian artisans in a family-owned factory producing footwear for decades, Ganor Dominic shoes are all handmade in Italy with locally sourced materials and components.

Ganor Dominic aims to deliver natural confidence to women with an eye for detail, who are constantly seeking unconventional items which are as unique as their own path and personality.



Kat Maconie launched her namesake brand in 2009, a signature style of bright, frame heels and original hardware was immediately apparent in her first collections, resulting in international recognition, feted as a rising British star. Fresh aesthetic and strong, women centered fashion ethos has made the KAT MACONIE house a leading voice in luxury footwear and won her ‘DRAPERS SHOE DESIGNER OF THE YEAR’ in 2013 and 2018.

KAT MACONIE has become known for pushing the boundaries of footwear design by creating shoes that are forward thinking, bold and playful. Known for signature hardware details, block heels and strong prints, KAT MACONIE blends graphic silhouettes with imaginative palettes to create smart feminine designs. She creates collections of unique shoes, thanks to a smart mix of high-quality leathers, embellishment and embroideries.

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