About us

Aistishka is an online boutique of small producers, emerging unknown designers, handcrafted, slow, sustainable ecofriendly fashion prodigies from all over the world, who create unique design pieces of apparel, footwear, accessories and jewelry.

At Aistishka e-boutique you will find any ART form transferred into WEARABLE garments. Minimalism, expressionism, street art, classics, pop art, gothics, avantgarde and etc. Both women and men will find something that will vivify their outfits.

Our mission is to find and present WEARABLE ART for a sophisticated style. If you are a businessman or woman, lawyer, actor, singer, socialite or just a person who wants to stand out and be unique expressing your true self with clothing - Aistishka is a place to shop for you. Spice up your daily outfits or be exceptional at special events - you'll find everything you might need for that.

By purchasing at our store, you support new emerging designers, slow ecofriendly sustainable fashion, and artisans of their craft.