About us

Fancy seeing you here!
Story of this brand starts long ago...
Every year for my birthday (July 17th) I would buy a pair of shoes and a dress to celebrate new year of my life. Since age of 15 y.o. I was abroad on my birthdays usually, so after a while I had a collection of shoes and apparel you cannot find in Lithuania. Everyone was asking what I'm wearing and were they can get it too. Until 2019 I was runing other bussinesses in fashion industry. At the beginning of 2019 I had other businesses to run and at the end of same year I had none. What a change, right? Year of 2020 started for me with a real clean slate and isolated as the rest of the world was. I could do whatever I wanted, which was exciting and at the same moment scary. I have started to develop new idea - something I will feel passionate about long term. Area in which I have skills, but still can continously learn, grow, create and bring some joy and happiness to people. That's how Aistishka came to birth.
At first, my goal was to bring Lithuanian women and men, amazing, colourful, handcrafted shoes so they can have something I have. Therefore, I chose to call shop based on my name Aiste.  Aistishka is what Aiste wears and likes. July of 2020 I participated in my first designer Pop up stores with Aistishka footwear and it was a blast! Summer of 2022, I went back to my roots, childhood passion and interest - creating clothing. The result - my own line of silky apparel to match these amazing shoes I bring.
What you find @aistishka

💠 Vivid, crazy design, handmade footwear from all over the world
💠 Silky, flowing and "delicious" apparel made in Lithuania
💠 Handmade accessories 

Welcome to colourful and joyful Aistishka world
Love, Aiste